Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homemade Bread?

We are back in Riverside, Ca for 10 days. Becky has finals and I am here to help her and keep her in good spirits while she franticly finished papers and projects. To fill the time I dug out an old cookbook and decided to try my hand at baking bread.

I First tried to make a whole wheat parmesan bread. It was too tough, overworked it. My second attempt tasted better but semi exploded in the oven. It split and doubled in size again while cooking. The third was a nice Challah loaf. It tasted great and had nice color and texture, but the shape was still quite funny. It made quite good french toast this morning, and I froze the other 1/2 for later.

Tonight's Honey Wheat Pizza Dough was my first true success!
I used 1/2 wheat flour and half all purpose it was very tasty and not too sweet like some honey doughs are. I also used regular dry yeast instead of quick-rise and let it have a good hour and a half before I took it out to make the crusts. And although the recipe says this should make one 14inch crust, I made two 17x11 crusts out of it. (we like thin crust). Pizza night may just have to become a weekly staple on the menu i am working on, but more on that tomorrow.

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